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Our Mission

Kabeiria welcomes you to the fascinating universe of dance and music! We get inspired by the beauty of each culture and the freedom of expression provided by art and we want to initiate more people into what we love. Kabeiria is open to all those who want to do something creative in their spare time, to express themselves through art, to exercise, to socialise or to discover their well-hidden talents! In our cosy art studio, in the heart of Athens, each one can find what suits him best

The Kabeiria Mysteries

Our name was inspired by the Kabeiria Mysteries, an ancient Greek ritual held in the island of Samothraki. The purpose of the ritual was to liberate the participants from the fear of death and to reveal eternal truths related to the fate of the soul after death. Those initiated in the Mysteries claimed that they could avoid danger, succeed even in the riskiest effort and defeat their enemies

Learn more about Kebeiria's place

Kabeiria is located at 18, Athinas street in one of the most central and historic spots of Athens, Monastiraki. Our studio offers

Our place is available for everyone

Waiting Room 2 Changing Rooms (For our Boys & Girls) Two sunny classrooms with wooden floor, one 85 and one 35 sq.m., both overlooking the Acropolis Free WiFi Easy access by public Transportation (3 min walking from Monastiraki Metro Station) Kαι And Above All The most Friendly Mood!!!

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