Πολυχώρος Τέχνης & 'Εκφρασης

In Greek

-We dance for laughter
-we dance for tears
-we dance for madness
-we dance for fear
-we dance for hope
-we dance for screams
-we are dancers
-we create dreams

Albert Einstein .

Proposed courses :

(Tuesday 20.30,Thursday
20.45 Friday 18.00)
Afro Fusion
(Monday 19.30)
Brazilian Samba Fusion
( Thursday 19.30)
Strength and Stretch
(Friday 19.30)

With Gaianna Alamanou
and Xenia Stathouli

The Kabeiria Mysteries

Our name was inspired by the Kabeiria Mysteries, an ancient Greek ritual held in the island of Samothraki. The purpose of the ritual was to liberate the participants from the fear of death and to reveal eternal truths related to the fate of the soul after death. Those initiated in the Mysteries claimed that they could avoid danger, succeed even in the riskiest effort and defeat their enemies