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Gianna works as a professional dancer since 2005 and is a professional dance teacher since 2009. She has studied Afro Brazilian, African, modern, contemporary and classical dance at the side of well-known teachers, as well as anatomy and music. She has attended seminars on choreography, physical theater, African, contemporary and modern dance in Greece and abroad. She teaches Afro Brazilian dance, modern jazz, Afro fusion, contemporary dance, strength and stretch. She has participated to various performances as a choreographer and/or dancer. Some of her most recent works include: Before & Jazz – May 2015 (kinesiology-dancing-acting), theatrical document Obinrin – June 2015 (direction-choreography-dancing), Athens Video Dance-Femme-work in progress G. Karounis – December 2015 (dancing-choreography), Fos-Liquid Dancetheater L. Efstathiou – May 2016 (dancing), Tribal Caravan-Gipsies in Madnessland – May 2016 (choreography-dancing), Femme G. Karounis M. Kakogiannis Foundation – June 2016 (dancing-choreography), Promitheus Desmotes – September 2016 (dancing), I Magia ton Oneiron February-April 2017 (choreography-dancing), Music in Motion – May 2017 (dancing). Moreover, Gianna has organized dance workshops in cultural events, such as the Cultural Camp of the Municipality of Astritsi, Crete – Afro Fusion workshop (2015 and 2016), River Party – Fusion Dance workshop (2016).



Xenia was born in Athens and she studies Mathematics. Her aptitude for dancing showed in a young age. At the age of 5 she started taking ballet classes, while modern dance followed (holder of the Intermediate diploma - I.S.T.D.). At the age of 16, she discovered contemporary dance and Hip Hop that won her over! She attended classes and seminars by Galini Girtatou, Tassos Bekiaris, Mikaela Kanzafeiri, Maria Papadopoulou, Yannis Karounis, Linda Kapetanea, Konstantina Efthimiadou, Paul Blackman, Christina Gouzeli, Marianna Kavalieratou, Eddie Lame as well as the group Ki Omos Kineitai etc. In addition to Hip Hop, Xenia is also interested in other street styles such as Poppin’, House, Krump, Breakin’ and Lockin’, while recently she started taking Capoeira and Afro classes. In 2015 she participated in Arc For Dance with the performance “Prosopia”, as well as in the theatrical document “Obinrin” with a solo performance. In November 2016 she participated in the Athens Video Dance Project festival with a choreography by Yannis Karounis and later she took part in the project “inner movers” on the theme of moving, by carrying out 3 video dance and 3 site specific performances on public spaces. In 2016, Xenia also participated as a duet in the show of the group Tribal Caravan, in the River Party at Nestorio (river fusion dance), as well as in the Greek Choreographers’ Festival hosted at the M. Cacoyannis Foundation with the performance “Femme”. In 2017, she took part in the theatrical play “Promitheus Desmotes” directed by G. Falkonis and choreographed by Ch. Sougioultzi, as well as the Music in Motion festival. Lately, she has attended Giorgos Amentas’ dance workshop on sound, as well as Chronis Tombris’ seminar on handstands’ technique. She teaches contemporary dance and Hip Hop to students of all ages.



Born in Athens, Stella has studied Psychology and she has been involved with dancing for the past 10 years. She has studied basic principles of pantomime (Pantodance), ballroom and latin with Maite Ottavy, traditional oriental Egyptian dance (Gadala Fotini) and she has attended classical and modern dance classes. Since 2009 she is involved in the street styles; 5 years ago she entered professionally into Poppin’, under the name of “Poppin Butterfly” and with Michalis Zeitinidis as her teacher. She is a member of the groups Funky Habits (Street Fighters Winners/Greece 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015) and Waveomatics (Boty Winners/Greffe 2013 and 2016). She has attended seminars taught by renowned dancers like Storm, Robozee, Link, Gucchon, Kei, Bruce Ykanji, P. Lock, Frankey, Mr Wiggles, Poppin Smiley, Babson, Ken Swift, Hitmaster Fish and Niko Waveomatic Birakos. Stella has represented Greece in Italy (Street Fighters) and Germany (Boty) as a member of Funky Habits and Waveomatics, as well as in France (Juste Debout), Italy (Give It Up) etc as a solo artist.

STAVROS MAVROPOULIS (aka:bboy icler)


Stavros started dancing at the age of 10. At the same time, he took martial arts classes, in particular kung fu, and he was inspired by the acrobatics it involved. The above, in combination with his favourite music, made him get involved in Breakin’-Breakdance as of 2003. In 2005 he participated for the first time in a European dance contest; he qualified in the Top8 in Bulgaria’s Breakdown. Stavros started teaching Breakin’ in 2007. He has participated in video clips, the Bollywood movie ‘Wanted’ that was filmed in Rhodes, presentations in the framework of the Athens Video Dance Project, as well as shows for charity.



Antigoni was born and raised in Athens. She started as an artistic gymnastics athlete and continued as a rhythmic gymnastics athlete -member of the National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team. She studied dance at the Higher Professional School of Dance by Niki Kodaxaki. She attended Capoeira classes for 3 years at the “Banzo de Senzala” Capoeira Group. In 2003 she becomes a member of the group “Ki omos kineitai” and participates in the following performances: ARRiBA, Neuton’s lie, Inferno, PurgatoRio, II PaRRaiso, medDeT*, God’s Particle, Betelgez, Erotokritos, Noir and Silicium’s revenge



Professor of modern dance and classical ballet, Martha is a graduate of the “Andromachi Kafantari” Professional School of Dance. She has attended modern dance and classical ballet seminars, and in April 2016 she was trained in the ContactKids method by Itay Yatuv (Tel Aviv). Moreover, she is also a Psychology graduate from the Aristotle University with a major in Mental Health of Children and Adolescents and in Psychodrama. During the last years, she lives and works in Athens offering volunteer work to socially vulnerable population groups. At the same time, she attends seminars of contemporary dance with acrobatic elements.